Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Cart Designs.

I would like to share some new cart designs I am working on. I have a long list of clients I'm working on.

I am working with Tina from Heartland Dreams. She has requested an updated look for her Hyena Cart along with a matching blog template and we will also begin working on a regular website with her. Here is a mock up of the design she has chosen to go with. She let me know she would like it to be a summery flowery look. This is my interpretation of it. Look for Heartland Dreams new look here soon.
I've also been working with Michelle from Maple Sugar Designs on an updated look for her site. Stop by Maple Sugar Designs and see her new look. We are also adding some matching graphics to her Etsy shop.
Peggy of Waste Not Want Not is also getting a new look via Dragonfly Graphics. Stop by Waste Not Want Not and check out her site. Here is the mock up that was finalized. Peggy came to me with 3 words, Organic, Earthy and Calming. This is my interpretation of those descriptive words.
I am also working with BelliBowBottoms, MaMaTuTu, Purple Thistle and Vivid Tribe. So check back soon for some updates and mock ups of the designs.


All label are done and in the mail on their way to their new homes.
Round 2 for Sew in Labels will start when I get feedback from Round 1 so I can improve my product. I will only offer 6 spots and 3 still remain open. Let me know if you would like to be in on Round 2.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I opened up testing for my new sew on/in and adhesive labels on Sept. 1, 2009. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help me with this new endeavor.

Sew on/in labels:
1. Happy Booty Boutique
2. Fancy Pansy
3. Mother Goose Designs
4. 10 tiny turtles
5. Chunky Bunz Diaperz
6. Blue Jayz Diaperz
8. Cute Cheeks
9. Waste Not Want Not

Adhesive/Sticker labels
2.Mother Goose
3.10 Tiny Turtles
6.Cute Cheeks
7.Made with Love

I will have all the graphic mock ups of your labels done and emailed to you Thursday for your first approval. Once you approve the design, I will print out one label and email you the pic of it so you can approve the layout, spelling, etc. I'm hoping to have all labels done and sent out by Wednesday of next week. Check back for status updates if you wish.